The Basics of Trust

Our model for family care and development is simple, find the perfect nanny that fits into your family with ease. Fostering an amazing home for your child's development should incorporate a nanny who matches your families values, beliefs, and attitudes. Selecting the right nanny for your home is much more than having the right resume. At Elite Nanny League, we consider many factors in selecting a nanny who matches the structure and ethics of your household. We believe in creating specialized care and development for your child that will help foster their basic needs including empathy, education, a sense of security, exceptional care, belonging and love. Our nannies are educated in supporting and nurturing your family with proper conduct, diverse activities, organization skills and a light-hearted touch.

The Elite Nanny League Way


We learn about you & your family.


We find the right Nannies.


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We walk you through the hiring process.


We provide on-going support.

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