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Ask The Experts -How to Improve Bedtime Routines

February 16, 2023

Allowing your children to get adequate amounts of rest is essential. How much sleep they need varies by age with infants needing more sleep, about 14–17 hours, and teens needing less, between 8–10 hours. If they are not getting enough sleep, kids may experience struggle in different ways including having trouble paying attention, being hyperactive, struggling with schoolwork, being cranky, having behavior problems, and more. One of the easiest ways to set your child up for success includes helping them get good sleep. Following a bedtime routine aids in helping to make sure your child gets the recommended amount of sleep per day.

The best way to get your kids to sleep ensuring they are getting enough rest is by having consistent bedtime routines that are carried out each night. This helps your child follow a set of predictable routines, preparing them for bed. It has even been studied and shown that having these bedtime routines will help your children go to sleep earlier, take less time falling asleep, and sleep longer.

Not only can these routines help with sleep, but they can help with memory, attention, and other cognitive skills as well as create some bonding time between parents and children which can help improve mood, stress, and behavior.

Bedtime routines generally include three to four activities such as having a snack, brushing their teeth, reading a book, and snuggling. It is important to complete these routines in the same order, so children start to catch on to the routine and know what is expected next. The routine should last about a half hour to an hour. Delaying bedtime can make it hard to complete the routine when you're short on time. Although you are in charge, it's okay to listen to your child and talk about certain changes in the routine, such as a part that is not working anymore. By keeping the room dark and cool, you can help promote sleep.

Some things to watch out for with their routine include letting your children use screens too close to bedtime, starting the routine when they are already sleepy, letting them run around before bed, and giving sugary snacks.

Stay consistent, make it age appropriate, and keep it short. 

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