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In the initial intake process, we get to know you and the needs of your family. We consider relevant information like what your families restraints are, the temperament of your children and what kind of services you will need to feel safe and at home.

Let's Match

Based on the criteria you provide about your perfect nanny, we will match you up with qualified candidates. After considering the candidates we've selected for you, we take proper care of ensuring you're paired with a candidate that meets your expectations, demands and lifestyle challenges. You'll receive the candidates headshot, detailed profile, work experience and e-mail for your consideration.

In-person Interview

After you've selected a candidate, we will coordinate and schedule in-person interviews that help you make the right decision. After the interview process, we will follow up with both you and the candidate for a detailed recap of the meeting.

We Help You Onboard

Once all of the interviews are completed, we will help you draft the offer for your perfect nanny. We will also stay in sync with you during the initial hiring process, educating you on your duties as an employer.

We're Your Nanny Liaison

We keep a close eye on all of our nanny candidates and their families experience.

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