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Houstonians 2022 Summer Bucket List Guide

July 7, 2022

Glorious summer days are always welcomed after a busy school year. We have 5 FUN ideas that are achievable for everyone.  

Summer Bucket List Ideas


Take a trip with family and friends to a local zoo to search for some cool creatures. Check out the Houston Zoo or TGR Exotic Wildlife Park in Spring, TX!


Grab a flashlight and set up camp! You can camp in your own backyard or take a quick road trip to Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe, TX for great trails and campsites.


Attend a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Park or check out the Minor League team Space Cowboys in Sugar Land, TX.


Enjoy a picnic at any local park. Visit The POST, home to Houston’s 5-acre rooftop park, the largest of it's kind in the country it is the perfect place to have a snack and snap great photos of the city skyline.


Enjoy a movie on a rooftop or at a drive-in theater with family and friends at Showboat Drive-In in Hockley, TX or Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown are worth a visit

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