The Basics of Trust

Our nannies are educated in supporting and nurturing your family with proper conduct, diverse activities, organization skills and a light-hearted touch.

An Opportunity of Care

We focus on providing our families with exceptional service that is formulated in the principles of care.

Because of our dedication to our quality care, we have access to some of the top professionals in the industry.

Elite Representation

Gaining credible experience in the care service industry is the perfect opportunity to grow your career. That is why we value helping our candidates with their personal career growth. We're here to answers your questions, prepare you for professional interviews and help you gain more experience in your field.

We Take Care of You

Some say that helping children grow is one of the most valuable jobs anyone could have, and we completely agree. We offer competitive compensation for your position as a full-time, part-time or traveling nanny. When dealing with compensation, we believe in working with our families to offer negotiation about pay, personal needs, and benefits.

The Elite Nanny League Way


We learn about you & your family.


We find the right Nannies.


We schedule


We walk you through the hiring process.


We provide on-going support.